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Project Mishel

Enhancing the educational sector for optimal administration, and a productive learning experience.

Learning management system


Reliable software that facilitates the planning, execution, and assessing of specific learning processes. A system that cuts across administration, recording, documentation & more.


Leverage on technology to monitoring tons of operations with few button clicks. Evaluate stakeholders’ activities with detailed reports on system activities.


Track, evaluate and provide useful feedback to stakeholders. Tracking and checking the skills set of learning users is an essential part of studying.

A smart school administration Software. making educational institutions more efficient with the use of information technology.

We have provided a robust technology to give learners the ability to view, listen, and interact with the data accordingly. If you are considering the development of a school management system or a robust learning management system, Mishel has been curated just for that purpose.

You might have come across a number of success stories about So-and-so institution that has just launched a cutting-edge online student Information System or a learning management system (LMS). They invested the right budget for a Project Mishel and now they’re online. Everything is rocky and stakeholders are better connected.


We are happy to provide your institution wit our cloud-based module or an on-site installed module. Your preference can be taken care of.

Ompanies are using to drive their digital transformation efforts. You will learn the best practices, current trends management industry today.

Kindly contact us or request a call back, so we can capture your system’s requirement and take the conversation further.