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Field data collection & Agrotech solutions

AgroTech solutions


We pride ourselves in delivering IT solutions to a wide variety of industries and sectors around the globe. Your business deserves that priceless peace of mind, let the experts handle your projects

Quality commitment

We deliver world class service, and this allows you to channel and focus your energy on running your business to attain your business goals effectively.


We innovate, design, develop and manage software applications for government, brands & businesses in different sectors, enabling our clients to achieve their business goals & scale further with superior IT solutions from TENS.

Our interest & passion in agriculture is so amazing, especially in African states. Let us deploy the necessary Agro-technology to enhance and optimize your agricultural processes.

Efficiently monitor and evaluate your projects with our cloud based portals, eradicate the numerous struggle encountered by you & your stakeholders. You don’t have to manually compute, extrapolate and manage real time data. We encourage you take your traditional agro methods to the next level with revolutionary tech from us.

"Working with TENS in developing the ALDDN cloud based portal created the necessary efficiency in monitoring and evaluating key components of the ALDDN program"
Chinedu Gbulie
Former ICT Specialist, Sahel Consulting


Kindly contact us or request a call back, so we can capture your system’s requirement and take the conversation further.