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Project Captcha POS

Essential inventory & sales management solution, essential for Every Retail Store.

CaptchaPOS Software

Inventory & Sales

Manage store operators with transparent information about shifts, such as Total Cash sales, profit margin and other basic accounting elements.

Detailed Reports

Get all critical metrics about your store displayed in a clear dashboard with advanced options and built-in filters. View reports from your branches (other stores) all in one place.

Reward programs

Award loyal customers with gift cards, reward points or discounts to keep them coming back for more. Create, edit and add customers right in your Captcha POS.


CaptchaPOS is a feature-rich and powerful cloud Point of Sale (POS) system for every business. Compatible with both PC and mobile devices, CaptchaPOS is the momentum for your ideal omni-channel retail business.

A Sales and inventory application that works extremely well impressively manages your day to day sales as a retail outlet. Our amazing tech support provided alongside makes your job very friendly and hassle free.

Let us assist you in building that thriving business with an on-site or cloud based retail solution that aligns perfectly for sales growth. We can deploy for businesses such as departmental stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, retail companies and others.

Kaira's baby shop Testimony - TENS
Taking my retail business online with POS software has relived me &my workers of the stress associated with the legacy systems I had in place. Thank you TENS
Mrs Precious
CEO of Kaira's Baby Shop


Our software keeps track of each and every item created in your store and manages the stock holistically.

One good news is you can set discounts for your favorite and loyal customers as frequently as you wish.

Our software package comes in two flavours:

  • Cloud based: 

The software is deployed via our cloud based server and maintained by our engineers remotely. With this module, you get to access your stores(multiple) from the comfort of your home, office, anywhere via any mobile device. 

  • On-site installation

This module is basically installed only on your workstations at a single store. Data and operations of your store cannot be accessed over the internet anywhere.

Subscription renewal is automatic. Once you settle the invoice for the year sent to you, you will automatically get your software up and running again.

There are no hidden charges. Our fee structure varies from the option you select.


  • CaptchaPOS sotware alone (Cloud based)
  • CaptchaPOS software alone (On-site)
  • Captcha POS + Printer + Desktop/Laptop computer
  • CaptchaPOS + Printer + Barcode scanner + Desktop/Laptop computer

Kindly contact us or request a call back, so we can capture your system’s requirement and take the conversation further.